Youth Praise Team

you who are faithful to the lord,

  Sing praises to him;

  Give thanks to his holy name!

Psalm 30:4

Hello, church! My name is Scott Springman and I am the Praise Team Leader for the 9:45 am service as well as the leader for the Youth Praise Team.  I thought it would be appropriate to share a little information about myself and my testimony.  I grew up in Eureka and have lived in the area my entire life.  I love the community here and the opportunities to serve God and His people in the area are abundant!  

Serving God and His Church through music is something that I hold dear to my heart. I have been involved with the music program at EUMC for about twelve years! Playing in the newly formed Praise Team years ago paved the way for me to work with the youth in creating their own Youth Praise Team.  I have enjoyed working with the adults at creating a positive and open environment to worship our Heavenly Father.  I have been blessed to watch our youth grow spiritually, emotionally, and musically over the years and look forward to many more awesome years to come!

My testimony is something that I feel is important to share...after all, it is why I  feel the calling to be part of music ministry.  I started my musical journey seventeen years ago.  I learned quickly how effective music could be around friends and family and wanted nothing more than to share my newly found passion.  Needless to say I had zero knowledge of Christian Music and a plethora of secular music at my disposal.  It wasn't until one day when me and some friends were visiting in a park and a friend asked me, "Play me a song you wrote, Scotty!" My response was something that I would later realize God had put on my heart.  I said, "Anytime I try to write a song all I can write about is God..." My friend, Todd, approved and supported me in pursuing this weird thing I found out about my involvement with music.  I could go into great detail about the journey from then until now and how God has shown up in big ways in my life.  I'm open to talk about it...find me in between services!

Calling all High School Youth! Do you have an interest in serving God through Music? Contact Scott Springman at or by cell at 314-560-2990.  You can also find Scott in church on Sunday mornings.

Check out 99.1 joyfm and Boost 101.9 for some great christian music!